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According to a StewartBrown survey, administration costs for aged care providers have risen from an average of AU$29.16 per bed per day in December 2015 to an average AU$37.50 per bed per day in December 2020.

With the new obligations for reporting and compliance outlined in the Federal Budget, administration costs are expected to rise even further. Aged care stakeholders have voiced concerns about the challenges many providers will face to meet the additional requirements, particularly highlighting the needs for aged care providers to equipped their workforce with the right technology to reduce the admin burden on the already constraining workforce.

In order to help streamline processes and improve workforce efficiency and deployment, SwanCare has recently upgraded its existing workforce management solution to Optima11. Explore in this infographic showing how the upgrade to Optima11 has helped the team at SwanCare to reduce hours of admin work on reporting; improve staff experience, drive down cost and agency spent; and enable them to become more agile in handling crisis.

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