Simple rostering across all staff groups

Optima delivers benefits across all departments. Developed with the latest technology, it is safe, simple and efficient.

Optima enables workforce optimisation in the healthcare setting with a significant system-wide return on investment (ROI) with improved efficiency, care, patient safety and staff engagement.

In Australia, Allocate is responsible for the rostering of more than 250,000 healthcare workers across some of the best well known health and aged care organisations, enabling the right skills are deployed to the right place at the right time.

Optima unlocks greater functionality through its various add-on products like acuity-based rostering, deployment of community workers and more detailed health specific analytics. In a nutshell, its ROI capability enables you to:

  • Reduce admin, overtime, minimum break payments, staff absence, casual and agency use
  • Improve leave management, utilisation of permanent staff, delivery of patient care and safety
  • Boost staff retention and engagement

Our solutions are developed in close collaboration with our healthcare customers in order to automate the process of staff rostering and time and attendance management. They also automate the interpretation of awards and EBAs and deliver seamless integration with payroll and HR software.

We can remove numerous processes by automating roster creation, saving time and effort while making better rosters for both patients and staff alike.

Real time rostering

Quickly identify the most appropriate staff available to fill gaps in rosters.

Integrated management

Use SMS to fill vacant shifts by alerting relevant staff and auto-filling based on their responses.

Support on your journey

Your dedicated Customer Success Analyst makes sure you continue to improve your workforce efficiency.

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How does Optima provide cost savings?

Optima streamlines operations by automating payroll. The software has an Award Rules Engine that has been developed to cater for Australian and New Zealand workforce conditions and ensures staff are paid correctly and according to the correct awards. The comprehensive rules automate the interpretation of awards and enterprise bargaining agreements. It allows you to update costs as soon as changes are made to the roster.

Optima highlights and reduces avoidable costs by better utilisation of the workforce. This leads to reduced dependency on casual and agency staff.

Is Optima an on-premise or cloud application?

Optima operates exclusively in the cloud through a SaaS solution to ensure best practice and better performance. It gives predictability of costs and reduces overheads whilst simplifying your internal technical processes. It is a fully web-delivered service which makes every part of the software accessible, anytime, anywhere.