Your one-stop shop to manage your staff's working life.

Your one-stop shop to manage your staff's working life.


Everything, every time, everywhere. Employee Online (EOL) is a one-stop shop to manage an individual’s working life – be it looking at their roster, checking or booking leave, managing timesheets, self booking casual shifts or checking HR information.

Our ‘one screen, one click’ approach ensures that this application is designed to be as simple and as easy to use as possible, by all users. This empowers individuals to monitor and manage their working life, it also saves managers time by enabling staff and eliminating manager administration.

Empower staff

Delegates responsibility from the manager and empowers the individual, for example self booking vacant shifts

Maximise resources

Improves shift allocation and maximises availability ofsubstantive staff

Improve efficiency

Saves managers time updating, informing and managing working lives of staff on their behalf.

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Can our employees manage their own shifts?

Yes. EOL covers all departments and functional elements of an individual’s working life. Designed as a one-stop-shop for staff it can be accessed while working at the health service or at home to enable staff to manage their working lives wherever, whenever.

Is there an app for staff to login from their own phones?

EmployeeOnline (EOL) is Optima’s self-service for staff to manage their rosters and plan their leave. It can be used on the computer and on phones through the mobile site and accessible from anywhere, at any time.