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Allocate SafeCare: an environment for care

Acuity-based rostering

An environment for care

Allocate SafeCare dynamically brings information on the actual staff levels together with the numbers and needs of patients.

It provides a real-time shift-by-shift view of required versus actual staffing across an organisation and makes it easier to be responsive to changes in demand or staff availability.

Now selected by over 100 organisations in the UK, Allocate SafeCare is empowering unit managers, ward managers and nurses.

Avoid agency use

Redeploy staff safely with full sight of how this will impact services elsewhere

Oversee staffing levels

Maintain a site-wide overview of staffing levels, with hotspot areas and any potential issues highlighted

View live status

View the live status of wards and any changes as they happen, enabling a proactive response

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How does Allocate SafeCare impact daily staffing?

Today wards are using Allocate SafeCare to quickly collect acuity and dependency data that is immediately applied to the appropriate staffing model. Senior nurses and operations teams are then using real-time information from Allocate SafeCare to get an organisation-wide view of staffing levels and staffing needs. This enables them to take proactive and informed decisions before turning to agency cover.