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Aged care is changing. Be ready to change with it

Real-time staffing control and visibility that champions residential safety

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“How we deploy and monitor the number of care and clinical minutes is crucial to our success in complying with the legislation. Through Allocate SafeCare we’ll be able to utilise and support our workers more effectively, making them feel safer and ensuring that our residents are always receiving the best level of care.”

Our unique daily staffing software matches staffing levels to residential acuity, providing control and assurance from bedside to board. It is designed to increase resident safety by highlighting potential staffing issues while maintaining efficiency and helps organisations embrace real-time staff deployment.

Get an Operational Grip on Aged Care Workforce Management

Residential organisations who now find themselves in search of a solution that can help them embrace real-time staff deployment whilst managing care minutes delivered, can trust Allocate SafeCare.

Allocate SafeCare is the only proven solution to deliver operational control of workforce deployment, rooted in the real-time care need of residents.

Every month over 13 million hours of care is redeployed using Allocate SafeCare, globally. That is 13 million hours that otherwise would have gone to expensive agency staff, or worse, being left as a staffing gap on a schedule.

Meeting the minimum standards of care minutes in aged care

The landscape for aged care is changing. Are you ready to change with it?

In October 2022, the Australian Government (AN-ACC) introduced mandatory care minute standards for aged care residential providers. This would see the start of the phased requirements, starting with an average of 200 minutes per resident, per day including at least 40 minutes of a registered nurses time each day. Over the course of the next two years, this would increase to a mandatory 215 care minutes and 44 registered nurses time per day.

The residential organisation will need to share this compliance towards the target on a quarterly basis.

View Real-Time Staffing Levels

See staffing levels in real-time, to identify where you have too few or too many workers. Flex and redeploy staff in-line with the resident’s needs.

Track and Report on Care Minutes Delivered

Monitor care minutes delivered by clinical or non-clinical staff to meet aged care legislation. Report on planned, actual and required minutes of care.

Quickly Identify Potential Risks

Receive instant notifications through the solution when there is a staffing risk to help you to put actions into place swiftly.

Gain Assurance on the Safety of your Residents

Use resident census to calculate how many ‘care minutes’ are needed based on the individual profile and encourage a proactive response when a resident’s care needs have not been met.

Protect the Welfare of your Staff & Encourage Best Practice

Provide workers with a safe staffing framework that works alongside professional judgment and a means of raising warnings or to ask for support.

13 million

Hours of care per month, globally


Clinicians daily, globally


Organisations using Allocate SafeCare, globally

“We are more confident with the data and can make real-time and strategic decisions based on our analysis of it. It is about making sure we have the right people doing the right job.”

Gain assurance on staffing levels and the deployment of workers against the needs of your residents

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