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Effective rostering at Northeast Health Wangaratta

With more than 1,300 employees and managing payroll for 5 Health Services within the Hume Rural Health Alliance in Victoria, Northeast Health Wangaratta use Allocate’s Solution to roster and manage their workforce efficiently, saving time and money.

Download this case study to read about how they:

  • Resource efficiently while delivering safe patient outcomes
  • Fill last minute roster gaps with the right mix of skills keeping costs down
  • Attract and retain highly-skilled staff
  • Meet patient acuity and compliance requirements

McKenzie Aged Care Group

The McKenzie Aged Care Group had been using Allocate Software successfully for rostering. But according to Barry Faulkner, Management Accountant for the group, as the business grew, generating budgets presented a number of increasing challenges.

This case study examines how Allocate Software helped the group address this.


Healthe Care Australia

Efficiently staffing 35 private hospitals across Australia is a demanding business. That’s why Healthe Care turned to Allocate Software to help achieve optimal staffing.


Efficient Workforce Management at East Grampians Health Services

Efficiencies are being gained at the Grampians sub-regional Alliance with the quick adoption of Allocate’s e-rostering system.

Download this case study to read how the Alliance reduced time spent on rostering, leave management and payments out of cycle.

“When you implement a product to comprehensively manage the single biggest expense in your business you want confidence in it. We have that in Allocate’s rostering solution”

Tony Roberts, Director of Finance
East Grampians Health Service



In order to maintain accurate and equitable rosters, Uniting needed an e-rostering system based on a skills register that would accommodate shift changes and give employees some autonomy and flexibility. This system also needed to centralise the payroll functions and introduce a time and attendance system to eliminate manual timesheets.



The rostering solution for health care organisations, providing staff, care and financial benefits.


Workforce Solutions: Aged & Community Care

Allocate’s Solution for Aged Care is designed to optimise the delivery of care and identify avoidable costs.

With the experience of supporting over 1 million staff under roster, together with 25 years’ workforce management experience in Australian healthcare, Allocate Software is enabling the delivery of safe and effective care at optimal cost, by helping organisations have the right people in the right place at the right time.

We deliver both international experience and local expertise to provide solutions that deliver benefits for all staff groups


SMS and Vacancy Management

Allocate’s Solution includes powerful and comprehensive vacancy management functionality which allows you to search for available staff with the right skills to fill a vacant shift.

Intelligently automated SMS features allows you to send vacancies to selected staff and then have them automatically added to the roster.


SafeCare: Acuity-Based Staffing

SafeCare dynamically brings information on the actual staff levels together with the numbers and needs of patients. It provides a real-time shift-by-shift view of required versus actual staffing across an organisation make it easier to be responsive to changes in demand or staff availability.


Optima: The evolution of rostering

Optima is used across hundreds of healthcare organisations globally and is backed by a team of over 200 developers and industry specialists ensuring it continues to be the best e-Rostering solution in the market.

Using the latest technologies in workforce management, Allocate provides the solution to all your rostering needs.


Intelligent Rostering

The result of years of development, Allocates intelligent rostering capability can save you time and effort by automating many of your roster processes.

Using the latest technologies in workforce management, Allocate provides the solution to all your rostering needs.


Payroll Interfaces

Allocate’s Optima solution has been designed as a component in a complete end-to-end IT solution.

Optima provides comprehensive interfacing capabilities with other software packages, in particular when interfacing with Payroll/Human Resources (HR) and patient allocation systems.


Time and Attendance

The ability to capture when employees begin and finish shifts has become a major part of today’s workforce management.

Our Time & Attendance solution is aimed at improving your workforce optimisation and provides the ability to validate when your staff start and finish work.



RosterPerform is the tool designed to give managers the ability to use data to measure and benchmark how well staff are functioning across the organisation, in real-time.


Award Interpretation

Developed to cater for Australian workforce conditions, Allocate’s Award Rules Engine provides comprehensive rules which automate our clients’ interpretation of awards/EBA’s in real time, enabling costs to be updated immediately when changes are made to the roster.


Allocate Cloud

Get the benefits of being on the Cloud. Fully web delivered service accessible anytime, anywhere.

Simplify your workforce management by letting us implement, host and support your Allocate Solution deployment for you with painless upgrades and predictable costs.


Total workforce visibility: Inspiring stories from the NHS

The case studies within explore how a variety of NHS trusts have approached developing visibility of their workforce – with both their people and by using technology.

Each trust has a unique perspective and focus, these stories demonstrate how they are using visibility to drive improvement in care and the working life of their nursing and clinical staff.


Proven, dynamic, sustainable and scalable - the staff rostering systems for NSW Health

Developed by Allocate Software and proven in healthcare settings around the world, the NSW Health
Allocate Solution system has been purpose-designed specifically for NSW Health and integrates directly with the Stafflink Human Resources and payroll system.

The system combines three components:

  • Allocate Solution – automated production and maintenance of staff rosters including bank, casual and agency staff
  • Allocate Employee Online (EOL) – allows staff to view rosters and make shift requests
  • Allocate RosterPerform – provides records and analysis of roster data

Rising Staff Costs in Victorian Hospitals and Health Services

This paper was developed for the HFMA to provide insight into preventable rising costs in public hospitals in Victoria.