Payroll Interfaces

Designed to be a part of a complete end-to-end IT solution

At Allocate we are committed to delivering benefits to your organisation by integrating to solutions in your environment. Our dedicated Development Team are constantly developing new integrations for leading software vendors. Allocate’s workforce solution has been designed as a component in a complete end-to-end IT solution.

It solution provides comprehensive interfacing capabilities with other software packages, in particular when interfacing with Payroll/ Human Resources (HR) and patient allocation systems.

Key Benefits

  • Provides an interface to your payroll system
  • Improves payroll accuracy
  • Reduces time spent manually entering data from  HRIS and payroll solutions
  • Elimination of double entries
  • Elimination of manual timesheets replaced by electronic timesheets into payroll
  • Facilitates advanced reporting through integration with Business Intelligence tools
  • Facilitates a single source of truth between systems in your environment
  • Cost savings through the reduction of data entry errors

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02_THUMB_AU Payroll interfaces

Payroll Interfaces

Allocate’s workforce solution has been designed as a component in a complete end-to-end IT solution. Our solution provides comprehensive interfacing capabilities with other software packages, in particular when interfacing with Payroll/ Human Resources (HR) and patient allocation systems

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