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Occupational disruptions, workplace support and crisis preparedness | Lessons from the Australian COVID-19 Frontline Health Workers Study

We are pleased to welcome Associate Professor Natasha Smallwood and Professor Karen Willis back for another webinar after their very popular session at the People Summit Australia to share more findings and learnings from their Australian COVID-19 Frontline Health Workers Study.

Watch this recording of our live webinar to discover:

  • The immense psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health workers, with high levels of anxiety, depression and burnout across the workforce, and some groups more at risk
  • The occupational disruptions health workers experienced with the changed working hours, redeployment, altered work roles, new patient care practices and rapid adoption of digital technologies
  • What does the Frontline Health Workers study say are the protective factors against workers experiencing occupational related mental health issues?
  • What do healthcare workers need the most during a crisis from their employers?


  • Assoc Prof Natasha Smallwood, Consultant respiratory physician, Royal Melbourne Hospital; principal research fellow, Monash University
  • Prof Karen Willis, Public Health, College of Health and Biomedicine, Victoria University
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