Automates the interpretation of awards/EBA’s in real time

Developed to cater for Australian workforce conditions, Allocate’s Award Rules Engine provides comprehensive rules which automate your interpretation of awards/EBA’s in real time, enabling costs to be updated immediately when changes are made to the roster. Additionally, the Award Rules Engine also facilitates alerts. As each change to the roster is made, the Award Rules are consulted to re-cost the changes to the roster and alert the operator to any warnings that may have occurred as a result of the change e.g. overtime.

While many vendors provide comparison to budget data, our software provides an even more accurate costing model driven by real time award interpretation, giving managers unparalleled levels of information and allowing the management of rosters against the budget on a day-to-day basis.


  • Works with Payroll Data -The HR/Payroll system sends rostered employee data via an inbound payroll interface. This includes personal information, and employee contract information (hours / award). Your payroll system remains the master source of this data.
  • Provides Accuracy – Allocate’s Award Rules Engine contains an extensive library of rules capable of very granular configuration. This enables highly accurate targeting of payroll conditions.
  • Automation – The Award Rules Engine provides a set of rules that automate the user’s interpretation of awards/EBA’s in real time, the engine also enables costs to be updated immediately as changes are made to the roster.
  • Facilitates Reporting – Through its operation, the Award Rules Engine creates extensive data that is made available through reports in the reports library. This data can be extremely valuable to an organisation when for example analysing labour costs.
  • Exports to Payroll – The Award Interpreted data created by the Award Rules Engine can be exported to your payroll system.
  • Highly Flexible – The Award Interpretation Engine provides a highly configurable capability to define the relevant pay awards and process the rostering data accordingly.

Key Benefits

  • Automates the calculation of complex pay rules
  • Provides confidence that payments are accurate without additional checks and processes
  • Can be interfaced to your existing Payroll System
  • Based on Australian conditions and proven
  • Eliminates a considerable amount of human error
  • Reduces the manual effort for both employees and payroll staff
  • Creates audit trails for identification of award rule changes
  • Provides complete transparency as to how the pay transactions were processed and generated


02_THUMB_AU Award InterpretationAward Interpretation

Developed to cater for Australian workforce conditions, Allocate’s Award Rules Engine provides comprehensive rules which automate our clients’ interpretation of awards/EBA’s in real time, enabling costs to be updated immediately when changes are made to the roster.

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