Captures and validates employee start and finish times

The ability to capture when employees begin and finish shifts has become a major part of today’s workforce management. The Time & Attendance solution that sits within Allocate’s solution for Aged & Community Care allows for each shift to be validated using a variety of time-capture devices including;

  • Biometrics Devices
  • Proximity Cards
  • Internal Swipe Technology


  • Captures and validates employee start and finish times
  • Includes the options of  biometric devices, proximity cards and internal swiping
  • Provides comparison of actual hours worked against planned shifts in roster
  • Automated validation/locking of shifts within tolerance ready for export to payroll
  • Ability to see the clock times in the roster
  • Start and finish tolerances can be set differently for individual  areas
  • Employee registration occurs within the Allocate software
  • Contains reports to assist with the time and attendance management
  • Offers a back-up process in the event of power outages
  • Identifies  people who clock in but are not rostered
  • Provides manual over-ride for managers if required
  • Comes with a full authorisation process

Key Benefits

  • Validates start and finish times
  • Provides proof of attendance
  • Assists with verifying  Electronic Timesheets
  • Improves security and Fraud Prevention
  • Contributes to Automated Payroll process
  • Reduces time spent manually checking employee attendance


02_THUMB_AU time and attendanceTime & Attendance Capturing

The ability to capture when employees begin and finish shifts has become a major part of today’s workforce management. Our Time & Attendance solution is aimed at improving your workforce optimisation and provides the ability to validate when your staff start and finish work.

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