Intelligent Rostering that automates staff roster processes and provides highly visible, transparent rosters based on your business requirements

The result of years of development, the intelligent rostering capability that sits within Allocate’s Solution can save you time and effort by automating many of your staff roster processes. Our Intelligent Rostering solution includes the latest technology in rostering, time and attendance, SMS and award interpretation to provide real benefit to organisations.

Currently being used in major hospitals and health care services as well as aged and community care facilities in Australia the system can be adapted to organisations of any size and provides the solution to all your workforce rostering needs.


  • Fully web enabled – available anywhere, anytime!
  • Auto-generated rosters based on your business rules
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Real time roster costing via the Award Interpreter
  • SMS auto filling of vacancies
  • Processing employee requests and employee availability
  • Powerful Alerts to show when a rule has been broken
  • Flexible Roster Views
  • Includes employee contract hours
  • Includes employee leave
  • Powerful processing rules
  • The ability to “override” rules
  • Includes Time and Attendance (via biometrics, cards, and more!)
  • Auto-generation of vacancies when there is a roster gap
  • Full Employee Self Service – available online
  • Mobile solution – lets employees view rosters, timesheets, and make requests
  • Comprehensive User Security settings
  • Workflows
  • Extensive Reporting Suite

Key Benefits

  • Enables time saving through the auto-generation of rosters
  • Replaces paper based rosters and timesheets
  • Allows cost savings by ensuring more effective use of staff
  • Enables Real Time costing of rosters through its use of the Award Rules Engine
  • Automated Award Interpretation
  • Improved visibility and transparency of rostered shifts
  • SMS find and fill capability
  • Provides more fair and equitable rostering
  • Enables employees to view rosters and make requests anywhere, anytime
  • Ensures only qualified staff are allocated to the roster requirements
  • Makes sure the right staff are allocated to the roster
  • Allows users to manage vacancies effectively
  • Facilitates interfaces to payroll systems


02_THUMB_AU Intelligent RosteringIntelligent Rostering

The result of years of development, Allocates intelligent rostering capability can save you time and effort by automating many of your roster processes. Using the latest technologies in workforce management, Allocate provides the solution to all your rostering needs.

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