Allocate Rostering Solution

The complete workforce management solution designed to optimise the delivery of care and identify avoidable costs

Introducing the most complete workforce management software designed to optimise the delivery of care and identify avoidable costs. Developed specifically for Australian healthcare, the system automates the process of staff rostering and time and attendance management. The solution also automates the interpretation of awards and EBAs and delivers seamless integration with payroll and HR software.

In addition to performing these tasks in a fraction of the time it takes to do them manually, our workforce solution provides enormous amount of additional data and reporting about individual employees, casuals, agencies etc., and their allocated rosters.

Key Benefits

  • Matches your workforce with demands
  • Delivers financial savings
  • Improves productivity through dynamic rostering
  • Improves leave management
  • Reduces temporary staff usage
  • Improves corporate governance
  • Improves fairness


  • Fully web enabled – available anywhere, anytime!
  • Auto-generated rosters based on your business rules
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Real time roster costing via the Award Interpreter
  • SMS auto filling of vacancies
  • Processing employee requests and employee availability
  • Powerful Alerts to show when a rule has been broken
  • Flexible Roster Views
  • Includes employee contract hours
  • Includes employee leave
  • Powerful processing rules
  • The ability to “override” rules
  • Includes Time and Attendance (via biometrics, cards, and more!)
  • Auto-generation of vacancies when there is a roster gap
  • Full Employee Self Service – available online
  • Mobile solution – lets employees view rosters, timesheets, and make requests
  • Comprehensive User Security settings
  • Workflows
  • Extensive Reporting Suite

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