Allocate Rostering Solution

Better rosters for both patients and staff

Our solutions remove numerous processes by automating roster creation, save time and effort while making better rosters for both patients and staff alike. Our workforce solution also helps organisations unlocking significant financial savings through best of breed and proven award interpretation, payroll integration and effective time and attendance functions.

The solutions also give Directors of Nursing and their teams visibility of staffing levels across all wards and departments, allowing them to manage safe and compliant patient care based on the staffing levels required to match patient numbers and acuity.

Our Difference

  • Able to cost roster in real-time
  • Able to have integrated vacancy management through SMS reaching out to staff who have the right skills and availability to fill the particular shift that is vacant
  • Automated roster build based on the demand set up
  • Success Programme. With customer success at forefront of everything we do, we have dedicated Customer Success Analyst to make sure you are getting the most out of the solution and continue to improve workforce efficiency

Allocate’s solutions were developed in close collaboration with our healthcare customers in order to automate the process of staff rostering and time and attendance management. They also automate the interpretation of awards and EBAs and deliver seamless integration with payroll and HR software.

We can remove numerous processes by automating roster creation, saving time and effort while making better rosters for both patients and staff alike.

The Allocate solution creates efficiency and delivers a wide and diverse range of benefits:

  • Maintains clinical ownership for ‘roster approvals’ therefore safeguards professional judgement
  • Dramatically reduces back office administration effort associated with workforce planning and management
  • Combines power of clever rules engine and powerful reporting to help organisation make better use of permanent staff, reducing the need for casual staff
  • Makes it easy to ensure each roster meets the required skills mix by maintaining a complete, up to date view of all staff roles and skills.
  • Applies complex rules whether your own internal policies or national/state working requirements helping ensure rosters are Award compliant
  • Empowers staff by allowing them to view rosters, request leave and shifts via their mobile phones and tablets
  • Underpins better multi-disciplinary team work and availability by ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time whether rostering nurses, doctors, allied health professionals or support workers
  • Highlights opportunities to save costs and maintain focus on budgets
  • Quickly identifies the most appropriate staff available to fill gaps in rosters
  • Uses SMS to fill vacant shifts by alerting relevant staff and auto-filling based on their responses

Public Acute Customers

Private Acute Customers