The ability to access the system from anywhere, anytime is invaluable to our busy,
mobile workforce. Access to the latest versions of software enables better staff engagement,
and direct access to quality support is critical.”  

Jorge Silveira, CIO,
Northeast Health Wangaratta


We now have much clearer insight into our avoidable costs.  

Barry Faulkner, Project Accountant,
McKenzie Aged Care


Efficiencies are being gained in reduced time spent on rostering, stronger
and more accurate leave management processes and reduced time re-working pays
for errors and payments out of cycle

Tony Roberts, Director of Finance
East Grampians Health Service


Uniting can now save money without compromising client care
by ensuring that shifts are staffed optimally without the over or under staffing.
The e-rostering solution has let Uniting make work schedules more flexible and
it has delivered both economic benefits and improved staff engagement. 

Jacqueline Sims,
Uniting NSW & ACT


Workforce Solutions

We are the leading provider of healthcare workforce deployment software. Our solutions are used globally by over 800 public and private health and care organisations to deliver safe staffing and productivity savings. Allocate Software is enabling the delivery of safe and effective care at optimal cost, by helping organisations have the right people in the right place at the right time.

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